Our Services


At Hawax Corporation we have recognized the need to provide high quality, guaranteed and reliable works. With a passion for construction, we provide the highest level of service to every client by dedicating our time and energy to producing only the finest quality of workmanship to enhance the lifestyles of our customers.
We believe in working closely with our client in order to ensure the product and the service we deliver meets their expectations. We understand the importance of the positive partnering concept and pride ourselves on making the construction process as stress free as possible for the client.

Our construction services include, but not limited:

  • Permanent Building Construction
  • Camp Construction
  • Site Preparation
  • Road Construction
  • Temporary Facility Construction


Hawax provides a large scale of services in the Oil and Gas industry, particularly in the pipeline projects. Our services includes, but not limited:,

  • bending,
  • welding
  • sandblasting,
  • site preparation,
  • site construction and compaction,
  • site clearance,
  • maintenance of water tanks,
  • fuel tanks and sceptic tanks


We administer supplying services to the whole region with a full supply chain management from the source to the consumer.

Types of supply we provide are, but not limited:

  • Construction Material
  • Pipeline supplies (Pipes, valves, flanges, machinery, consumables
  • Manpower
  • Machinery
  • Storage
  • Other materials


Our logistic services includes but not limited:

  • Oil Transportation
  • Heavy and light Vehicles (purchase or rental) Cranes and lifting equipment
  • Transportation and mobilization
  • Domestic Trucking


Our management consulting service focuses on our clients most pressing issues and their greatest opportunities. We help improve company’s marketing strategies, their organization, the way they handle a variety of operations and finally we help increase sustainability across all industries and geographies. Not only do we offer a great understanding of our field combined with profound and functional expertise, but are also known for our holistic perspective.