Health & Safety Policy


Hawax Corporation as a construction company, general trading entity and civil and construction work company, as committed to health, safety of its employees, its engaged subcontractors and authorized visitors at its project sites. Hawax firmly believes that all the incidents are preventable and therefore is committed to the prevention of injuries and ill health at its workplaces and facilities. 

Hawax is committed to comply with all local legal requirements, industry best practices, OGP guidelines and relevant OH& Safety standards in true letter and spirit. Hawax will ensure the provision of the required resources, safe system of work coupled with internal and external training facilities to its employees, so they are capable of understanding their obligations, responsibilities and thereby the accountabilities. The organization will ensure employees better understanding about the hazards identification and risk assessment, and risk management for all its activities to avoid any injury or ill health effects thereby. Hawax also committed to establish annual OH&S objectives and targets periodically monitored and reviewed, for achieving the continual improvement within the organization. 

Hawax’s top management will show a visible commitment to this policy and will expect all the employees to reflect such degree of commitment to ensure safe completion of activities. A deliberate violation to this statement of intent,  irrespective of the designation and position of the personnel, will result in nothing less than termination from service. Hawax will designate a dedicated qualified QHSE manager will full resources and authority to ensure the implementation of this policy and keep the top management updated about it. 

This policy will be communicated to all employees for their understanding and compliance and will also be available to the interested parties on request. The policy will be reviewed yearly for assuring its relevance to Hawax business, technical changes and its alignment with the best industry practices and legal requirements at all times. 



Nashmil Rahimi